White and cloured Chillagoe marble from northern Queensland, Australia. 
Base Gosford sandstone
Height:  141 cm
Width:  35 cm
Depth:   16.5 cm
Weight:  180 kg Estimated
Available: No
Playing with Fire


Artist's Comment:


This was a very narrow piece of stone so the twirl of the design gives the work a feeling of depth.


While the form is, by its vertical nature, phallic, the swirling flame-like shape of the sculpture is clearly the figure of a cloaked woman. 


Flame and fire appear in most ancient mythologies where they often have magical powers ascribed to them.  The phrase  "Playing with fire" carries notions of potential stimulation and reward as well as clearly implicit danger.


As is often the case with my sculptures that are based upon the human form, a negative space is used instead of a face.  The use of a negative space was deliberate as it allows for a broader interpretation of the work than would the limitations of facial features.  A void also suggests infinity and adds to the aura of mystery that I wanted with this work.    


Flames don't have much colour at their base, the colour is found at their tips.  The lower portion of this work, which suggests both a flickering flame and a woman's form, is white with blue-black ash-like flecks in it.  The orange-red at the top of the work is the colour of the flame.