Sealed pulped paper on a steel and wire mesh armature:
Height:  310 cm
Width:  40 cm
Depth:   100 cm
Weight:  55 kg Estimated
Available: Yes


Hanging about in trees


"Lexie, the Tree Climbing Ganod"  is a totally whimsical work where I created an imaginary forest dwelling animal.  This animal does not seem to serve any purpose and in fact simply hangs about doing nothing much at all.  As such it seems to be quite unnecessary in the greater scheme of things. 

As a consequence the poor thing is suffering from human and social neglect and is fast disappearing.  At this point it is half there and half dematerialised, rather like the famed "Cheshire Cat" was wont to do on occasion in the adventures of young Alice in Wonderland.

As it seems to have no reason to be, is obviously unsuited to life in the modern world it begs the question: should we care to save its silly hide or not?.  It may be a  cute beastie with a whimsical moniker but what purpose could this thing possibly serve? 


The armature (frame) and wire mesh ready for the application of the paper and  cement mix as seen on the right