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Sculpture is seen by many people as the Cinderella of the visual arts world.  It has been described by those of a less than kind disposition as "something that one bumps into when stepping back to look at a painting".  Yet sculpture is the visual art form that is the most likely to provoke a physical interaction with viewers as it can make them feel compelled to touch the work rather than just to stand back and look at it.

I work in a number of mediums and have arranged the images of my work by medium category.   Click on one of the tags at the top of each page ("Marble", "Sandstone", etc) to take you to a different medium. This will hopefully illustrate to some degree, how the medium influences the idea, or how the idea dictates the medium. 

Clicking on an image of a sculpture will retrieve several more detailed images of the work

Some pages have a link to an "Artist's Statement". These comments may assist in explaining some of the background to an individual work.  Although no specific blind tests have been conducted in this regard, I am assured that these comments may be safely ignored without any lasting affect on the viewers mental health or sense of wellbeing. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me about anything you see on this site.

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