White Marble with coloured inclusions
Height:  36cm
Depth:   10cm
Width:    30cm
Weight:   19 kg
Available: No
Broken Promises

The source of the idea - the carved dove in Minerve in France
When I tackled the same subject but using a different medium  worked with the material I arrived at a very different result albeit the same basic idea

The inspiration for this work was a sculpture in Minerve in France where the carved an image of a bird in the stone as a negative space.  Rather than follow the Minerve idea slavishly, I chose to use an egg-shape cut through the stone as the basis for the design.  The ovoid shape became the central part of the wing of the dove and the underlying symbolic element of regeneration in this work.      


The dove was carved in a stylised manner in low relief on an excavated facet of the stone. There is a slight reddish-pink mark leading down from the breast of the dove.  This looks like a faint blood trail.  This is another strong symbolic element of this work.       


The treatment of the back is completely different.  It uses texture to indicate a chalice-like shape. This shape is not totally unlinked to the notion of the Eucharist.       


Once the carving was completed, the bottom of the one side was deliberately broken off and discarded as another symbolic element.       


The work is mounted on two stainless steel pins on a rough-cut marble base.