Statuario   marble from Cararra in Italy
Height:  31 cm
Width:   30 cm
Depth:   21.5 cm
Weight:  32 kg
Available: No



The top two images are of the final stage of the work and show the soft striations in the stone.  

The lower image shows the work from the rear, which has deliberately been left in the rough-hewn state as as sort of visual map of our journey together.


Artist's Comment:

Statuario marble is the type of stone favoured by the classic Italian sculptors for statues.  It is seldom polished, as it seems to show off its best qualities when the surface is left in a matt, rather than highly polished, state. 

 When I began this work I was in a phase of great introspection.  The original maquette reflected that mindset creating as does a form that folds inwards while squeezing out on the other side, like toothpaste out of a hole in the side of the tube.       

 As the work progressed it began to take on the feel of emergence of new life and began to look more like the fronds of a fern unfolding rather than a static scroll as it had first appeared.           

  It then struck me that perhaps it is not a work of introversion at all, but a work of emergence and rebirth.  The proportions, although not precisely measured, and were created only by eye, seem to adhere broadly to the classical golden mean, or Fibonacci number that governs all proportions found in nature.               

 As the work evolved further it started taking on some elements of a curling wave.  So the name 'Tsunami' seemed to suggest itself as a metaphor for the process in life of destruction and renewal.  But ultimately this work is not about destruction and renewal but about creation and hence the title that suggests 'The Beginning'.  Co-incidentally links rather well to my previous 'Time Series' of sculptures.