Autoclaved concrete on a steel frame
Height: 2.1 m
Width:  2.5 m
Depth:   1.2m
Available: No this was a site specific installation
Sea Change

To understand this installation, the viewer needs to be aware of a social phenomenon that has recently evolved in Australia.  Many Baby-boomers have chosen to opt out of corporate life early to live near the sea.   That in turn has led to a burgeoning of coastal developments to cater for this market. 


This whole movement is referred to as being a "Sea Change", named after an Australian TV series in which a hard-boiled professional gives up corporate life to take up a simple existence in a small seaside resort.  Ironically, a Byron Bay resident wrote this TV series.    


This particular sculpture of mine work was installed at just such a development, where the new village has been built right up to the coastal dunes.  There are a number of well-designed open spaces around the township.  One of these spaces, an open strip between the dwellings and the sea, is used to run a bi-annual Sculpture competition.  This work was designed for that show in 2006.       


The work consists of a wall with a small self-closing hatch about two thirds of the way up way up.  A bell rings every time this door is opened.  The wall is angled to have the seascape on one side and the changed environment of the development on the other. The words "Sea" and "Change" are carved into opposite sides of the wall.


 These pictures show the work as it was being constructed on site. 

The top left-hand image shows the back of another Northern Rivers sculptor, Judson Chatfield, who assisted me in this project, Judson was, at this point, carving the letters into the wall made out of autoclaved concrete blocks.