Mostly pulped newspaper and cement

Table-top sculpture 
Those images with coloured borders have links to more detail

1. On Thin Ice


    2.  Hopper

 back view                 front view

Size: 21 cm high, 11.5 cm wide, 19.5 cm deep  Available

3. At Full Stretch #1 and #2


            #1                                #2 

4. The Sentinel


Finish:  patinated bronze

Size: 78 cm x 25 cm wide - black granite base 30 cm x 15 cm


     5. Wipe-out

Finish:  Patinated Bronze

 Size: 55 cmx50 cm on black granite base 25.0 cm x 12.5 cm


  6. Yeah...Right!


Finish: Horse-patinated Broinze, Figure gloss

Dimensions:55 cm high 50cm  long and 15cm wide

   7. Elusive Butterfly

8. Don's Harlequin

Finish: Figure-silk appearance, Horse-patinmated  bronze

Size: 64cm high, 20cm wide 70cm long\

9. Spearchucker

Finish: mottled ceramic

Size: 68.5cm high, 20 cm wide, 52.5 cm long

mounted on a polished MDF base



Minoan Bull

Finish: Rusted cast iron

Size: 54 cm long by 35 cm wide by 23 cm tall

The Bodhisattva and the Bull - maquette

Finish: Copper and iron

Size:  Height 67 cm

Timber base 24 x 14 cm

Gaspard de la Nuit


Composer Maurice Ravel based his three movement piano work, Gaspard de la Nuit, on a poem about the Persian mythical Guardian of the Night, written by Aloysius Bertrand.  Similarly this sculpture consists of three elements following the narrative of Ravel's tone poem. 


This work is finished in a metallic paint. The surfaces were patinated to produce a rusted finish.  The outer surface are less patinated to reference the night. Over time that has oxidised mildly softening the initial darkness of the matt black metallic paint.


The final work is mounted on a sandstone base


 Scarbo and the e-donut

Mixed media

 With apologies to Edvuard Munch although this did not start out with his famous image in mind. This work started out as a scraggy old cleaning rag that took on an interesting shape so  I dipped it in glue and things just flowed from there. I attended a great piano recital in which Ravel's three part tone poem Gaspard le Nuit introduced me to the spirit Scarbo. The rest was just a case of creating something enigmatic and surreal for the viewer to contemplate