Wood carvings
'Surfing with the Alien'
'Spirit of the Wood'

'Surfing with the Alien'

Found timber

Length: 86 cm Height: 60 cm Width: 47 cm   Available: Yes

  'Spirit of the Wood'

Found red cedar offcut on a local sandstone base.

Height: 32 cm  Width: 46 cm Depth: 22 cm         Available: Yes




Mixed media including, found camphor laurel timber,   computer parts & gold leaf

Length: 86 cm Width: 68 cm Height: 47 cm       Available: Yes

This is a rather light-hearted piece.  Originally it was supposed to be a mermaid, but during the execution of the piece I realised that the part that was going to removed to make way for a face of the mermaid  looked a bit like the face of an eagle owl.  So I went with that. 


The timber had broken off rather awkwardly which left a great empty space at the back of the "head".  That was filled with old parts from various computers that have laid down their lives for the futherance of our ongoing frustration with the things.  Clear casting resin was then poured into the area and shaped to allow us to view the inner workings of the "mind" of this beastie.

The name of the work became pretty obvious.