Sculpture in other stone

Tabletop works


Herero Woman




Autumn Leaf



Morna Tikiri


This is a bit of an idle fantasy and my take of a Polynesian style of image.  It is perhaps a fanciful "Spirit God of the Mountains".  The image makes no pretence at belonging to any particular tribe or group except perhaps of one of the more obscure branches of the Horstmanshof clan.

Zimbird Dreaming

Dunnite (A form of basalt)

The country Zimbabwe takes its name from a fortified stone city set in the hills of the south east.  The city was apprently built by a semi-nomadic Bantu people, the Karanga, in the early part of the second millennium AD.  The city was abandoned for reasons unknown in about 1600 AD.  Few artefacts remained in the ruins,  but some quite exceptional soapstone statues of a stylised bird were found in the 19th century.  These birds apparently had great cultural and spiritual significance for the long-lost Karanga people.  They continue to have significance for modern day Zimbabweans and are used as the central decal in the flag of the modern day independent state of Zimbabwe. This work is an interpretation of those sculptures.








Dragons are born of fire and travel easily between time and dimensions.  Why else would we not see them daily? This piece of serpentine (a stone forged in the heart of a volcano) has a vortex carved through its centre. The seed of a dragon in transit between the now and the then.


Soapstone and polyester resin


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