"The Beast Within - Resting"
Helidon Sandstone
Height:   76 cm
Width:    62 cm
Depth:    62 cm
Weight:  about 300 kg
Available: Yes


Plasticine maquette


Final from the same angle.

Artists Comment:
A central theme in Joseph Conrad's book "The Heart of  darkness", which was the basis for Francis Ford Coppola's film "Apocalypse Now", relates to the very thin veneer of civilisation that masks over the beast within all of us.      


This sculpture deals with this concept of that "Beast within".  The form chosen is abstracted from the human and was designed to reflect the notion of suppressed energy. This  beast, is not specified as being either good, or bad, but certainly only human in the broadest sense.       


It is waiting.  The almost, crackling-electric lines of the rust-red ironstone striations reflects the explosive potential energy just waiting to be released by some unspecified future event.  The "Beast" is not beaten into submission by our attempts at civilised behaviour.  It is just resting perhaps only for a moment, perhaps longer.  It is close to surfacing and could be readily aroused.  The veneer of civilisation on all of us is very thin indeed and the beast is always there.


Sandstone is a very basic and earthy material.   It is an ideal medium to portray something primeval.  The kneeling figure is an almost human, but animalistic form of great strength.   But like, stone it has little human emotion.  The kneeling form has a pent-up latent energy that is at this point in time, abject rather than active.     


This work is not a political statement and so the form is not meant to be readily identifiable with any one person, group or entity but is a comment on humanity in general.  What will arouse the beast within may differ from person to person and group to group, but it is there in all of us.  It may not be pretty but it has power and energy.  If that can be controlled then we might have a positive force.  If not, then watch out ...!