Gosford Sandstone
Height:  50 cm
Length:  100 cm
Depth:  50 cm
Weight: +- 360 kg
Available: Yes

View from the rear. 

 These images llustrate how the striations were used to emphasise specific elemenst of, and rhythms inherent in the form. 

Artists Comment:

In Greek mythology, Gaia (AKA "Ge" or "Gaea") was the god personifying the Earth.  She is often seen as being Mother Earth, or even the slightly different concept of Earth-mother.    Gaia sprang directly from the primeval Chaos, or beginning of the world.  So while almost everything has changed since Gaia arrived, it seems that in fact nothing much has changed.  There still seem to be largish remnants of Chaos to be found all around the Earth. 

As if that is not enough, Gaia, in the form of Mother Earth, form time to time releases a few curved balls in terms of earthquakes, cyclones and tsunamis to ensure that we do not get too complacent.     

This work is Gaia resting after emerging from the origional Chaos.  After this point she gets up to all sorts of mischief procreating with mortals to produce a range of oddballs, including the Titans and Cyclops among others.  In the end her husband wound up being physically as well as emotionally emasculated.   The message is clear.  She may look benign at the moment but in reality  "Don't mess about with this lady!