Helidon sandstone
Height:     90 cm
Depth:      52 cm
Width:      48 cm
Weight:     about 240 kg
Available? Yes
 Byron Hug


"Byronhug" sketch above, maquette below, completed sculpture right and below right


       Final work on a timber base


Artists Comment:

This work takes a wry look at the nature of the "Dance" seen daily on the streets of Byron Bay.  Two people embrace and presumably, bond in all sorts of spiritual ways.  One thing they seem to be careful to do though, is to ensure that there is no genital contact between the embracing bodies.  So we have the shoulder embrace with bums angled out at the passing throng.            

This work could be seen as a tongue-in-cheek view of a local ritual, but there are other valid interpretations.  The figures are clearly female in gender; so perhaps what we have here is the issue of sisterhood, a big thing in our Shire.  Then one might like to consider the work in a broader context of gender- bonding.  Or perhaps we may decide not to be bounded by the physical limits of the Shire of Byron and Australia and see these cloaked figures to be clad in burkhas. This would give some justification for the figures facial feature only being seen in low relief profile as the burhka hides some, if not all of the facial features of the wearer.                

The stone has some interesting colouration with streaks of pink and ochre. This is offset by one fairly intense chalk-white area  seen in the lower image above.  The shape of this echoes the shape of one of the figures, like an inner aura.